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Oubly Business Card Giveaway and Review

I just came across a new (to me anyway) printer of business cards and other stationary called Oubly. At the time of this writing, they are offering up 20 free edge-painted business cards to the first 250 takers. Pay just $3 for shipping. Update, freebies are gone, but you can get 25% off thru 5/31 with code EDGE25H76F.

Unique_Business_Card_HoldersI snatched up a pack for myself and am pretty happy with them. The cards are ULTRA thick 36 point, with a bright painted edge.

They stand out… like a lot.

It would be nice to see some more templates, more customizations, and the ability to upload a design. Currently, there are only 20 designs to choose from (they offer regular business cards as well and have many more options there).

Naturally, their thickness makes them harder to carry – but they come with a nice carrying case to help in that respect.

Maybe not ideal for an everyday business card – at least in some circles – but when you really want to stand out , these will do nicely.

Check them out here.

Awesome Barber Business Cards and Why They Prove Business Cards Will ALWAYS Be Relevant

I just came across these fantastic barber business cards by designer Evgeny Katz.



They’re described as “Cinematographics” – a concept I’ve seen successfully used on a few other business card designs – and they’re undeniably hypnotic (the black and white lines have only a little to do with it).

In addition to this being just a clever concept, brilliantly executed, it occurred to me these business cards epitomize the RELEVANCE and PERMANENCE of business cards.

No matter how many digital alternatives exist, there will always be a place for conventional business cards, provided that they’re unconventional.

Oooh, I made a paradox.

When you hand a card like this to someone, they’re going to remember it. They’re going to be impressed by it. They might show it to some people. And it’s going to bring people in the door. There’s not a hair stylist, or a barber, or a salon that wouldn’t want to own such an asset.

Kudos to great design, and for helping defend the eternal relevance of my favorite marketing tool.

Hashable, not a business card killer after all…

hashable In 2010, Hashable launched its information-sharing app with the goal of replacing paper business cards. Today, as I wait for two new packs of Moo business cards to arrive at my door, Hashable has announced that they’ll be shutting down their service.

Paper cards for the win.

Sure, there are still tons of other mobile apps aimed at doing the same thing.

I just don’t think any of them will succeed.

As an eco-conscious person there’s something attractive about electronic alternatives. But I can’t help but appreciate the never-ending bastion of creativity that surrounds the real thing.

Seems like I’m not alone.

Vistaprint Upgrades Business Card Stock

Vistaprint has long been hailed as one of the RKV3V3S22T6N easiest and most affordable options for business cards. They’ve got most companies beat when it comes to templates as well.

Where they’ve been criticized is the quality of their card stock, which is was thinner and more flimsy than many other printing outfits.

Today, the company announced a significant upgrade to both their standard and premium business cards that will not only boost thickness by about 40%, but favorably impact print quality and color vibrancy as well.

Standard cards will now be printed on 110 pound card stock.
Premium cards will now be printed on 130 pound card stock.

Coolest Business Card Case Ever?

Everyone knows a great business card is a conversation starter. Now your case can be one too. This super cool business card briefcase is perfect for business professionals and grifters alike, and is guaranteed to make you the most badass dude or dudette at your next networking event.

The mini business card briefcase is made of aluminum and measures 4" x 2.5" x 0.625"