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BEST Business Card Website – Is There One?

All told, I have literally spent hundreds of hours searching for, using, testing and ordering from business card websites. So if there’s anyone who’s qualified to name a “best business card website,” heck, maybe it’s me. Well let me be the first to tell you that neither I, nor anyone else, could do such a […]


How to Make Your Own Business Cards

The Great Debate: Buying Affordably, Versus… When it comes to making business cards, there are the buyers… and the do-it-yourselfers.


Don’t Say Goodbye to Business Cards!

A lot of blog posts and other commentary has surfaced about retiring the business card forever, opting instead for new technologies that make information sharing easy (generally, using a smartphone). I object. For many reasons. But forget my personal objections for the moment (or rather read about them here) Here is a great NY Times […]


Retro Pac-Man Business Card Holder

So you’ve got your business cards made up. And now you need something to hold them in. Why not sport your old school style with this retro Pac-Man business card holder. It features two compartments: one for your cards, one for everybody else’s. Pre-orders are being accepted now (about $31) at GeekStuff4U


The Death of Traditional Business Cards?

I’m Seeing a Lot of Online, Digital, and App-Based Business Card Options of Late. Like for example. Or that iPhone app where you just bump phones and your contact details are magically shared. Well, a lot of people are saying that applications like these have rendered the old fashioned business card, dead. Or dying. […]


Business Cards are Awesome – and They’re for Everyone

Business cards are for everyone. Entrepreneurs… freelancers… employees… job seekers. Heck, even pets, mommies, and little kids have business cards nowadays. Business card variety — and creativity — is simply endless.