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PrintRunner Goes Green(er)

cjaxqK PrintRunner has made 100% recycled paper available on a whole host of printing products, making it the latest printing company to go green. Or should I say even greener. They already use vegetable inks exclusively, employ one of the most efficient printing presses in the world, recycle all of their own waste paper and printing plates, and take numerous other efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

They’re also FSC Certified and are taking steps to become one of the first printing companies to be certified under the Los Angeles Green Business Program.

Kudos PrintRunner!

If you’re interested in printing with an eco-conscious printer, check out their wide array of products here.

Unique and Sexy Business Card

A clever and appropriate die-cut concept for Bad Ass Creatives’ Nel Arriola.

Every time you put the card down somewhere else, she changes her underwear!


The New Must-Have Photography Business Cards

I’ve seen unique photography business cards cards before, but this pretty much takes the cake.

photography_business_cards The brainchild of Cardnetics, the “small iris” pushes the boundaries of business card design and makes for an irresistibly attention-grabbing marketing tool.

That is, of course, if you’re a photographer. Or say, a photojournalist.

At $6 a piece, they’re not inexpensive. Then again, when you really need to make a statement and impress a potential client, it couldn’t hurt to have a couple of these lying around.

Given the selective nature and cost, they may be more of a viral sensation than anything else, but that doesn’t detract from just how freakin’ cool these really are.

Grab a few or assemble them yourself…

This is from the same crew of mad scientists that brought you the business card catapult.

Business Cards, Free Shipping.

imageOnline print shop 123 print just announced a special offer for the holidays.

Free shipping on everything.

No minimums.

Every order.

Every day.

“Because no one likes shipping charges” reads their tagline.

So true 123 print. So true.

Talk About a Viral Business Card!

In appreciation of brilliant business card concepts (and in support of breast cancer awareness month!) I can’t help but share this “voluptuous business card” designed by Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna for their client – Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Hajnal Kiprov.


Two rubber inserts give the recipient a realistic impression of the results that can be achieved.

A business card like this is sure to get passed around and generate referrals – the mark of a great business card.

I would love to get my hands on one of these (for the collection, of course).

(as seen on scary ideas)

Business Cards are DEAD! Wait, they’re not?

A lot of people like to proclaim that business cards are dead. Or dying.

In my opinion, it’s quite the contrary.

I see the medium as going through something of a rebirth. Where creativity rules, and designers and marketers alike are one upping each other as they stretch the limits of what’s possible.

Neat shapes. Stellar designs. Functional cards. Edible cards. Cards that sprout leaves. Cards that transform into something else. 3D cards.

It’s incredible… an art form, even.

But maybe I’m deluding myself. After all, I’m a business card enthusiast. It’s regular folks that will determine whether the business card will follow the typewriter into relative obscurity.

And regular folks just aren’t using paper business cards anymore.

pollresults Wait… they are?

Well how about that!

According to a recent Globe and Mail poll,  (at right), 94% of respondents still use the good old fashioned paper business card!

And a considerable majority of those are using paper cards EXCLUSIVELY over electronic options.

If you ask me, results like these confirm that medium is alive and kicking.

Sure, there are other options out there… but traditional cards will have a place in our society for a long time to come.

Now keep those brilliant designs coming.

BEST Business Card Website – Is There One?

gold_medal All told, I have literally spent hundreds of hours searching for, using, testing and ordering from business card websites.

So if there’s anyone who’s qualified to name a “best business card website,” heck, maybe it’s me.

Well let me be the first to tell you that neither I, nor anyone else, could do such a thing.

Frankly, it all depends what you’re looking for.

Embossed. Foil Stamped. Letterpress. Silk. Wood. Die-Cut. Plain Jane. Metal. Rounded. Round. Square. 3D. Edible. Ceramic. Plastic. Magnets. Need I go on?

Different sites excel at different varieties of business cards.

That’s actually my goal with AllThingsBusinessCards – to present sites that excel in each category.

That being said… if you’re not a designer and are relying on templates and an online design tool to customize your business card, then there IS a website that stands out.


Designers from all over the world upload their own designs, so the selection of templates is absolutely fantastic (as in, thousands in many niches).

Their design tool is also incredible. You can edit virtually anything on the card. There are dozens upon dozens of unique fonts. You can upload and remove images from the front and back. You can choose from several varieties and colors of paper. I’ll stop there.

Best business card website? I won’t go there. But for non specialty cards, Zazzle impressed me more than any site I’ve come across in a while.

500 Free Business Card Redesigns

I just came across something really cool.

The business card company MOO is giving away $250,000 in free business card redesigns (that’s 500 of them), as part of something called "The Business Card Project."

Just fill out a short form, submit your business card, and they’ll pick 500 business cards to redesign.

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Best FREE Business Cards?

Looking for a GOOD free business card offer? It does exist. Read on…

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How to Make Your Own Business Cards

The Great Debate: Buying Affordably, Versus…

When it comes to making business cards, there are the buyers… and the do-it-yourselfers.

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