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Die Cut Business Cards

When it comes to being creative and unique a die-cut card offers endless possibilities.

The following printers offer either custom die cut cards or die cut templates to choose from.

The benefit of die cut business cards is their unique shape that instantly stands out, making a big and lasting impression that no standard card can match.

They're impressive, professional, memorable and allow for endless creativity.

Here are our picks for "the best of the best"...

Top Choice!

best die cut business cards


PrintPapa makes it brilliantly simple to get uniquely shaped business cards at affordable prices. Choose from 12 die-cut shapes like leaf, oval, diamond, square, circle, cloud, heart, ink-drop and more. Very cool concept.

20pofnew = 20% off first order


die cut business cards runner up


An amazing choice for custom die cut business cards. Their prices can't be beat! PrintshaQ also offers great service as well as a simple to use site. How about free shipping on all orders? It's yours with PrintshaQ. How sweet.


Also Great!

third place die cut business cards

We The Printers

Silk cards die-cut to any shape imaginable? You got it. Plus spot UV, embossing, metallic ink, layering and a ridiculous array of other options. Small print runs and great prices make them a great choice!

Custom Die-Cut Cards:

Cards can be created and cut into any shape, or the rectangular shape can be kept intact while custom cuts are made within the card itself to remove a portion of the interior. The options are endless!


Die-Cut Templates:

An inexpensive alternative to custom die-cutting is choosing from among several popular die-cut templates - shapes that simple, but highly noticeable deviations from standard rectangular cards.




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