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Free Business Cards, Free Shipping?

Some business card sites offer the promise of free business cards to lure customers in. Other sites offer free shipping.

What about free business cards AND free shipping?

As in, totally free business cards?

Does such a thing exist? Well, yes and no.

On rare occasion, we find companies running limited-time promotions for up to 250 free business cards with free shipping. But this is often just a publicity stunt to get some good online exposure - often for a new company.

But these deals are pretty hard to come by.

Ongoing - Truly FREE Business Cards with FREE Shipping

Have you ever heard of Moo Cards? Their unique concept - called "Printfinity" - allows you to have up to 50 different images on one set of cards. And yes, they have an offer for free business cards and free shipping.

There's just one catch: You only get 10 business cards.

In other words, it's much more of an opportunity to try their product than an outright giveaway. If you're looking for more cards there are still some great deals out there, but you should expect to pay shipping. These companies are in business to make money after all. Here's the lowdown on some of the best deals out there...

Company Deal The Good The Bad
free business cards free shipping 10 free + free ship free shipping too small sample only
free business cards 3 250 free business cards lots of templates
upload your own
small s&h charge
free business cards 3 500 for $9.95 raised ink printing small s&h charge

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