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Linen Business Cards

Linen business cards are a popular choice for professionals, job seekers and businesses who want to portend a touch of class.

Their unique look and texture sets them apart from standard matte or gloss card stocks, and with very little additional expense.

Linen business cards are printed with standard ink or raised ink... and come in a variety of colors. White or ivory linen business cards are most common but they can be found in grey and darker colors as well.

linen business cards
Top Choice!


Like Free Shipping? If you do, and you're in the market for high quality linen business cards then PrintshaQ is definitely worth a look. They have great customer service, quality printing and affordable prices as well as a simple, easy to use website.


Cutting Edge Design

If you want fully customized high end linen business cards and need someone to design them for you, check out Cutting Edge Designs. A bit more expensive, but unlike the other two options, they offer free graphic design to ensure you get a truly unique and stand out card.

Also Great!

T-Rex Cards

Not only does T-Rex offer linen business cards, but raised print as well... guaranteeing a texturally superior business card that is sure to impress. They have several colors including white, off-white, grey, and ivory linen business cards.

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