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Spot UV Business Cards

Whoever came up with the idea for spot uv business cards is a genius. It's truly eye-popping... and unmistakably unique.

Essentially, spot uv business cards (or spot gloss business cards as they are sometimes called) is a unique combination of matte and gloss.

Rather than applying gloss to the whole design, it's only applied to certain elements - of your choosing -  such as a graphic, logo, or a background pattern.

The result is both visually and texturally engaging! Here are our top picks...

Top Choice!

best die cut business cards

Overnight Prints

Overnight Prints just added spot uv business cards to their mix... and they don't charge any extra for it! Just click the box that says "spot uv" and upload your mask file. Presto! With good quality card stock and super affordable prices, give them a look for your spot gloss needs.


die cut business cards runner up


Moo just added spot UV cards to their line, and they are stunning! They also have some stellar templates that make great use of spot gloss. As always their card stock is thick and exceptionally high quality. And just like that the top spot is theirs.

Also Great!

third place die cut business cards


Affordable pricing for high quality cards and free shipping too? What more can you ask for? PrintshaQ prints their spot uv business cards on silk laminated paper. The result is a feast for your eyes and fingers. Great customer service makes them a top choice

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